Finland 100 report contains many appendices complementing the contents of the report.

Appendices 1–7 are included in the printed report that can be read here.
Appendices 8–17 can be found below (only in Finnish).

Appendix 8 Finland 100 central government subsidies(in Finnish)
Appendix 9 Finland 100 regional subsidies for programme project (in Finnish)
Appendix 10 List of all projects profiled on the Finland 100 website (in Finnish)
Appendix 11 International acknowledgements during the centenary year (in Finnish)
Appendix 12 Companies involved in the Finland 100 programme for small businesses (in Finnish)
Appendix 13 Projects and birthday presents from businesses involved (in Finnish)
Appendix 14 Products launched by businesses involved in the Finland 100 business programme (in Finnish)
Appendix 15 Central government subsidies for regional development and administrative authorities as well as city councils for promoting the regional coordination and projects associated with the 100th anniversary of Finland’s independence (in Finnish)
Appendix 16 Key findings of the Finland 100 follow-up survey (Statistics Finland) in 2015–2018  (in Finnish)
Appendix 17 Information about the surveys referred to in the Finland 100 report (in Finnish)