Finland’s jubilee year

The main theme of Finland’s centenary of independence was ‘Together’, which encapsulated both the aim and mode of implementation of the celebrations. During both the planning and carrying out of the centenary celebrations, there was a clear focus on creating a sense of belonging, inclusion, and diversity. The Finland 100 centenary year is in many ways a new kind of national celebration.

The open and inclusive programme, as well as the poignant reason for the celebrations, inspired Finns and friends of Finland alike to make the experience a memorable one. The biggest ever celebration programme consisted of 5,000 projects made possible by 800,000 participants. There were an estimated 170,000 events across Finland and abroad.

The centenary programme started at New Year and ended on 6 December, which is Finland’s Independence Day. During these eleven or so months, numerous content and event highlights brought people together and raised awareness of the programme’s important themes. The grand opening sent a clear message that the upcoming year would be a special one. In August, the ‘Together’ weekend captured the strong community spirit that came out during the summer months, and the celebrations reached their climax during ‘birthday week’, right before Finland’s Independence Day.

The centenary was inclusive, inspiring, and full of joy. The whole thing went over the top – in a good way. Finland 100 became a phenomenon that spread throughout Finland and across the world.