We did it together!

Anniversaries are a great opportunity to take a fresh look at life – whether it is your own life or the history of an entire nation. Milestones inspire us to look back, evaluate our current circumstances, make changes, and plan for the future.

The centenary of Finland’s independence in 2017 was the most important anniversary of our generation. The role of the nation’s milestone and the expectations attached to it were set according to the respect it deserved. The aim was to make Finland’s big year a turning point, a major event in the country’s 100-year history in its own right. The Finland 100 celebrations were also an opportunity to make the country and its people better known around the world.

The celebrations for the centenary of Finland’s independence were deliberately planned and implemented in a way that differed from traditional national milestones. One of the aims in planning and implementing the Finland 100 celebrations was to involve all spheres of society, and all Finns and friends of Finland.

The expectations were high, but the scale and significance of the Finland 100 celebrations still exceeded even the most optimistic predictions. The together theme, the fact that anyone could contribute to the programme, the network-based approach, and heavy advertising created a foundation that allowed 2017 to grow into the biggest thematic year in Finland’s history.